You live and learn. This expression, it seems, can be justifiably used in virtually all aspects of life. You can live any number of years or decades and never realizes, for instance, that you’ve been wearing a watch but still wasting your time finding your phone to check the time. It’s inconvenient. Now let me tell you how a watch, a simple technology, that brought tremendous warmth to my heart, how it changed my life and I think many of you have it but uses it inconveniently.

Watch as a Present

When I was young, I only have exiguous things, like shoes and bags, I only have the amount that I need for school and sauntering, I was envious at that time because I can’t have things that I won’t compare to other kids with the same age as me. My parents don’t give me things I covet immediately, but as time goes by I came to the age that I understand these things. I have grasped the knowledge of what my parents want me to know at a young age, it was when my father gave me an expensive wristwatch as a present.

I was thinking back then, for which reason he had to give me something. I was in a sudden emotional disturbance because as a Filipino in a middle-class lifestyle, financial status is not stable, that’s why sometimes children in this family need to possess something equal to their desired item in order to trade with their parents. Then what must be it?  wristwatchThen I realized he had perceived my discontent that he has to give me something that will pierce my psyche as a means to draw forth the morality that will help me in the world to come.

We talked about things, then they explained to me that my parents just want me to give things that I want as much as the kids at my age, they want to see me happy but of course, they are very knowledgeable of what the future is ahead of me. They didn’t spoil me the luxury of having new things but wanted to teach me contentment of what I have, the education to buy only things that are needed not the unnecessary wants.

They don’t want me to expect that they could give me all the things that I want because they’ll be gone soon and they don’t want me to rely on them ’cause that will only be a hindrance for my success and just sometimes you are the only one that could help yourself, and they want me to learn the value of things.

But I also had thoughts why can’t I just have a normal kid’s life? These lessons can wait, right? No, it’s not. As I look at my present, my questions had been answered. It was basically the time in our life, we only have time with our parents on the day that we were born until before the age when we are going to enter school, then we now only have time with them every morning before entering school then when it’s time to go home.

The time is not stable because we also have to do our home works and that is less than the time we should be spending with them. Then after school life, we are now going to enter the stage of life where we find jobs or set foot in our wanted careers just to sustain our financial needs. This is the stage where we could finally get the things we wanted.

And as for me, I want to secure my financial future and spend the rest of my time with my loved ones. But I could only obtain it when there’s a minimal chance of unfortunate events that will occur in my life, and these unfortunates for me are mistakes that I might make in the future.

Certainly, it could easily be dealt with when I have enough knowledge, and that knowledge shall be learned while when I’m still young, in that way, there’ll just be less amount of time that will go on waste in dealing such hindrances. Because as UNICEF stated that early experiences provide the base in the brain’s organizational development and functioning throughout our life. And I as a person experienced it, if I were to be a kid who didn’t learn to just rely on parents.

I might not make a reinvention of things that will help people, I will grow not as a strong-willed person as I am now. As I move my arms towards me and looked at my wristwatch I remember and I will always remember the lessons I have learned in the past days of my life, bearing in mind of this simple technology I had received at a very young age, it made me a responsible person that cares about others. I now value more simple things I encounter, I became more reliable than I can ever be.

You’ve might be wearing a watch but still wasting your time finding your phone to check the time, as I said, it’s inconvenient. Time is essential, and you could feel it during this pandemic. All the possibilities you could have done during the quarantine are beyond imaginable. Remember to appreciate small things, as for me I value wristwatches because the memories I shared with them are incomparable.

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