If you’re looking to transform your simple abode into a smart home, you’ll need to purchase smart plugs at some point. These handy tech devices allow you to remotely power on or power off anything that’s plugged in, set schedules, keep your home safe, and reduce energy consumption.

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What are the Top 5 Best Smart Plugs For 2021?

With hundreds of smart plugs available, choosing one that suits your needs may not be that easy. Let our list of the best smart plugs for 2021 be your guide. 

Kasa Smart Plug HS103

Kasa Smart Plug HS103 Best Smart Plugs for 2021

  • Electrical rating: 120V/12A/1200W
  • Size: 2.6 x 1.6 x 1.5 inches
  • Works With: Alexa, Google Assistant, Cortana, IFTTT 
  • Price: $9.99
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The Kasa Smart Plug HS103 offers great value for money. At $10, you get a UL-certified safe smart device with all the features that can instantly turn any home smarter.

This smart plug can be controlled using the Kasa App, available on Android and iOS. It allows you to control the devices from anywhere in the world. You can also set schedules, countdown timer, or away mode. The app also lets you track usage to help you cut down on energy consumption. 

The Kasa Smart Plug HS103 connects via Wi-Fi. Set up is quick and easy – just install the app to your smartphone, add the plug to your account, and connect your appliance. It works with Alexa, Google Assistant, Cortana, and IFTTT so you can enjoy hands-free operation. 

WeMo WiFi Smart Plug

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  • Electrical rating: 120V~/15A/60Hz/1800W
  • Size: 1.3 x 2.0 x 1.8 inches
  • Works With: Alexa, Google Assistant, HomeKit, IFTTT
  • Price: $19.99
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Aside from having all the features you need in a smart plug, the WeMo Wi-Fi Smart Plug gets extra points for its compact design. With the slim form factor, you can stack two of these smart plugs in the same outlet.

The WeMo Wi-Fi Smart Plug connects to your existing home Wi-Fi network and setting up the device takes less than 5 minutes. With the free WeMo App, you can operate the smart plug seamlessly – control your plugged devices remotely, set schedules and timers, and keep your home safe with ‘Away Mode’. 

The device works with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple Homekit, and IFTTT. Unfortunately, it doesn’t track usage like the others on this list. 

Wyze Plug

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  • Electrical rating: 100V-120V~/15A/60Hz
  • Size: 2.75 x 1.25 x 1.5 inches
  • Works With: Alexa, Google Assistant, IFTTT
  • Price: $14.99
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At $15 for a 2-pack, the Wyze Plug is our budget pick for the best smart plugs for 2021. At this price, you might think that you’re getting an inferior product. That’s certainly not the case here. This device has all you need in a smart plug. Just plug it in, download the app, and you’re good to go. 

You can expect all the basic functions: control your home from anywhere, set up a schedule, vacation mode, and group control. With Wi-Fi built-in, the Wyze Plug works with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and IFTTT. Voice commands work perfectly and the compact design is small enough to avoid interfering with other outlets.

Kasa Smart KP400 Outdoor Smart Plug

Tech Reviews - Kasa Smart KP400 Outdoor Smart Plug - Tech News

  • Electrical rating: 125V/15A/1875W
  • Size: 24.9 x 2.4 x 2.3 inches
  • Works With: Alexa, Google Assistant, Cortana, IFTTT
  • Price: $19.99
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If you want a smart plug for the outdoors, then the Kasa Smart KP400 Outdoor Smart Plug is a great option. This device has two outlets that can be operated together or individually.

The KP400 has everything you need in a smart plug: control your plugged-in devices, countdown timer, away mode, device grouping, and voice controls via Alexa or Google Assistant. In addition, this device is weather-resistant and IP64-rated. Wi-Fi connectivity can range up to 300 feet to make sure your smart plug stays online anywhere in your yard.

Eufy Smart Plug Mini

Tech Reviews - eufy smart plug mini - Tech News

  • Electrical rating: 120V/15A/1800W
  • Size: 3.15 x 1.5 x 2.19 inches
  • Works With: Alexa, Google Assistant
  • Price: $39.99
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The Eufy Smart Plug Mini has all the features of a smart plug in a small package. Plugging this device in won’t block your second outlet. 

It has everything you need in a smart plug – control devices remotely, set schedules, countdown timer, and away mode. Voice control is available through Alexa and Google Assistant. Set up is a breeze – install the EufyHome app, plug the smart plug into an outlet, and connect to your Wi-Fi network. The app also allows you to give other users access with a touch of a button. Don’t worry, you still have full control and you can revoke access at any time.

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