Working from home can be great. There are, however, one or two downsides: there is always some noise made. Whether you have kids who want something, roommates who are loud, or just your everyday street noise, it can interfere with your work. It also makes it difficult to have a video call or conference with co-workers. This noise can come off as unprofessional.

USB Headset

A good headset solves this problem. We have found that plug-and-play USB headsets are a great accessory for anyone who spends their time at home with a computer. This gives you the ability to take phone calls and attend a conference with minimal noise disruptions.

Things To Consider



You’ll be spending a lot of time with your headset, so make sure to test the headphones for comfort and adjustability. Be sure to read reviews to see if the headset is compatible with your glasses. The longer the headset’s cord, the better; this way you can move around more while wearing the headset.

Microphone and Sound Quality

One major consideration when deciding on a headset is the microphone. Headsets usually have a microphone with noise-reducing technology. Some are better than others, though, and can make a big difference in your experience.

You’ll want to check the power of your headset’s speakers before you buy. This is usually measured as decibels, but you can also look for reviews on the product. Some headsets offer surround sound, but this requires downloadable software to use.


All of our headphone picks have in-line controls. Some are better than others, but each has a different control setup. For example, some headsets have earpiece volume control and others have a microphone mute, which is very convenient for changing volumes and muting during a call.

Jabra Evolve 40 Stereo UC

Tech Reviews - Jabra Evolve 40 - Tech News

  • Dimensions: 0.16 x 3.95 x 2.94 inches
  • Weight: 8.8 ounces
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The Jabra Evolve 40 is the best USB headset for getting on work video calls. It has a rare combo of excellent audio output, and a quality microphone. Whether you’re in a busy environment or not, the drivers and mic will always produce clear audio so you can hear and be heard. The controls are easy to use, while noise-canceling features allow you to focus on your important meetings without distractions.

The Evolve 40 is lightweight and comfortable, with soft leather ear cups. It is a pleasure to wear throughout the day, even for hours at a time.

One feature that sets this headset apart is how it lights up when you’re on a call. It also has a mute button conveniently located on the side of the headset, so you can turn off the mic if you don’t want to be heard. Finding the perfect mic position might take some time, but once you find it, everything will work smoothly.

Sennheiser PC 8

Tech Reviews - Sennheiser PC 8 - Tech News

  • Dimensions: 8.3 x 2.5 x 9.6 inches
  • Weight: 2.96 ounces
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The Sennheiser PC 8 is a simple, budget-friendly headset that’s perfect for those seeking to upgrade from their existing earbuds. This versatile headset is perfect for listening to music, playing video games, and taking calls.

PC 8 is super lightweight and compact, but that isn’t a downside. The headset won’t feel heavy or clunky on your head, especially if you wear it for long periods of time. It’s also surprisingly durable for its size and certainly not as fragile as it looks.

The PC 8 delivers above-average sound performance for music and gaming. One of the strong points of this headset is delivering clear vocals, making it a good choice for video calls or podcasts. The microphone does have some weaknesses, though, such as not working well in noisy environments. It’s best enjoyed in relatively quiet places.

Corsair HS60 Haptic

Tech Reviews - Corsair HS60 Haptic - Tech News

  • Dimensions: ‎11.18 x 10.16 x 4.57 inches
  • Weight: ‎1.47 pounds
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The Corsair HS60 Haptic is a versatile USB headset that works well both for business and leisure.

The HS60 headset, like any decent audio headset, has pretty great sound quality. The 50mm audio drivers emit crisp mids and treble as well as deep bass with haptic feedback that makes it feel like you’re right there in the action. If the vibrations get to be too much, they can be turned off.

The HS60 headphones come with on-ear volume and haptic controls that are helpful for adjusting audio on the fly. If you want more advanced EQ settings, you can use the bundled iCue software (Windows only). 

The detachable unidirectional microphone with built-in noise cancelation is great for your voice quality. Whether you’re on the phone, talking to colleagues on Skype, or chatting with teammates during a game, the HS60 helps ensure clear communication.

HyperX Cloud II

Tech Reviews - HyperX Cloud II - Tech News

  • Dimensions: 6.69 x 4.72 x 2.76 inches
  • Weight: 0.61 lbs
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The HyperX Cloud II, with its surround sound and booming bass, is one of the best USB headsets on the market. It’s marketed as a gaming headset — but audiophiles and movie lovers alike will appreciate its quality.

The headset offers an immersive audio experience with hardware-driven 7.1 virtual surround sound powered by 53mm drivers. This ensures that positional audio is in sync with what you’re watching on-screen.

The noise-isolating, closed ear cups block out all outside sound, which makes it seem more like you’re in the game or watching your favorite show. Cushy memory foam padding helps make things more comfortable for binge-watching or listening to music for long periods.

The microphone on the Cloud II is one of its weak points. Although it is noise-canceling, the voice quality is not as good as some of the others on this list. The microphone is also quite bulky but is detachable if you choose to not use it.

Jeecoo USB Pro Gaming Headset

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  • Dimensions: 5.91 x 1.97 x 7.09 inches
  • Weight: 6.4 ounces
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The Jeecoo USB Pro Gaming Headset is a great option for those who want a more serious accessory. It has a sleek design with memory foam on the earpads and headband that is ready for all-day work. It also has a seven-foot cable so you can easily move around and stay connected.

The microphone works great. It is slim and low-key in design, but unidirectional sound sensitivity means only your voice picks up — not any outside noise. It also has a 50mm driver unit which provides great sound quality.

The microphone and sound can be adjusted from your in-line controls. There is a mute switch for the mic and a volume dial for incoming sound. This lets you turn off your mic as well as adjust the volume to your liking.

Bengoo G9000

Tech Reviews - BENGOO G9000 - Tech News

  • Dimensions: 8.3 x 4.4 x 7.9 inches
  • Weight: 9.6 ounces
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If you’re in the market for a gaming headset, the BENGOO G9000 might be for you. With its futuristic design and LED side lights, it’s perfect for gamers.

The G9000 has a different design than most other headsets. It is big and bulky with cups that will fit over your ears. It also has padding at the top for comfort while wearing it for a long period of time.

Bengoo’s headset is designed for gamers and can work with a variety of consoles, including PlayStation and Xbox. If you want to use it with a computer or a mobile device, you can plug it in there, too. You can rotate the microphone up when you’re not using it. The mic has noise-canceling technology that focuses sound on your voice and eliminates everything else.

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