Technology is something that has changed my whole life in many ways. Take for example, cars or vehicles in general, I would not be having easy times moving from one place to another. Take a look at vacuum cleaners. I don’t need to sweep. All I need to do is to move it around. The same goes to lawn mowers. The truth is, more than ten objects made by technology are used everyday and they are everywhere in the world. No one can deny it that he/ she hasn’t used even one device from technology for just one day.

Technology That Have Been Made in This World

We could say that computing started back in the 10th century BC in Egypt, which is the abacus. From there, others were being invented, like the Napier bone in 1617 by the Scottish mathematician named John Napier, the slide rule which was invented by Rev. William oughtred in 1620, the popular analytical engine by Charles Babbage in 1833 and more.

All the devices made it all the way to the first generation of computer. John Von Neumann gave rise to this, by bringing the idea of stored program concept (data and instructions can be stored together in binary in the same memory storage space within the computer) in 1945. The world owes him one.

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John Von Neumann (1903-1957)

As it is, generation goes down this way:

  • First generation → vacuum tube technology.
  • Second generation → transistor technology
  • Third generation → integrated circuit technology
  • Fourth generation → microchip technology
  • Fifth generation → artificial intelligence technology

But most of us are using fourth generation computers, like PC’s, tablets, Android phones, iOS and more.

Besides, there are so many pieces of technology that have been made in this world, which should be approximately 20 billion in number. In all of them according to the importance to me, my favourite is the PC (personal computer). I would say, a PC is a multi-purpose computer that the size, capabilities and price make it possible to be an easy use for an individual. PC has changed my life in many ways. The number one is that it made communication much easier for me.

Communication is faster and cheaper with computer. Not just that. Maybe you want to discuss with someone, take for example, outside the country, you want to see the person’s face, no worries, computer has solved that problem. It is called ‘video calling’. When I want to research on something that the books about that particular thing don’t have enough information to what I need or I want to do my homework, I go straight to the internet using my PC.

It also encourages paperless environment. You don’t need to write on paper when you have a computer, so that paper won’t be littered in the environment. There are series of things a computer can do a smartphone can’t.

To write a code is something that a smartphone can’t do. I have had this kind of experience. I went through Google Play store to find a good compiler for HTML mostly, that would reach to my need. I couldn’t find any. You might find this time around but the codes can’t be published to the internet. When I searched for it in my PC, I found a lot of compilers to suit my need. All that is left for you is to choose.

Smartphones can’t animate as good as computers. Smartphones have animation apps, but they don’t have as much tools as the ones in computers. Blender animation app, for instance, is in computers and can animate both 2D and 3D. Compare 2D animation apps in phone to Blender 2D animator. Blender has at least 30 tools more than the 2D animation apps in phones. The same applies to 3D animation apps in phone.

Take a look at game engines. You can never find any game engine in Google Play store. The only thing you can find related to any game engine is a game engine tutorial. In computers, these are the things you can find, both the game engine itself and the tutorials. The computers are the best when it comes to making and editing videos, images, audios and documents as well.

technologyLook at Adobe Photoshop, one of the best apps for editing images, is in computers. Computer is far way better for me to use, because computers can now run any Android apps with the help of BlueStacks app. Not just that. Computers can read discs but phones can’t, neither can they be inserted into them. So if you don’t have a DVD player, take it to your PC. For me, I think people need to have a PC at home or a laptop to be specific.

It could come in handy one day, like what I mentioned in my previous point. I’m not saying that people should not buy smartphones, tablets or Android phones. They are free to do so. The thing is, when there is a PC, smartphones are enjoyed better with them.

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