All tech pieces have their own importance and their own work to do

According to me anything that can make our lives better or change our lives for good can be considered technology. Technology can be a tool, an app, it can be an element or anything. In today’s world which is making so much development in terms of new researches, new innovation, we shouldn’t limit ourselves with the use of word technology and what it attributes to.

Many new technology are developed, being developed or will be made in the future. For me a piece of technology that has changed my life forever would include all of these things whether it is a mobile phone which has brought whole world to our fingertips or if it is a hearing aid which gives new life to people having hearing disabilities.

Some of the pieces of technology that fascinates me the includes mobile phones of course, laptop, TVs, wireless earphones or Airpods, or some big innovations such as bullet proof cars or jackets, fast running trains, or technologies that connect us to each other and us to people around the world like WhatsApp, Facebook, Email and many more.

Now that I’m thinking of all these things, a gadget which fascinates me the most of all these is a laptop or a computer, I think it’s a full package of small tech pieces which contributes to making our lives better. It is easy to work on, can do almost all work on it from doing assignment to coding or building a software to make our lives more comfortable.

A tech piece I would recommend everybody to have in their lives would be a smartphone or a laptop or computer, as it can make their work easy. Everything, every information today is available on the internet and to get access to these million or trillions of worth information one should have these gadgets.

Others pieces of tech that has made a great impact on our human race recently, that we all know about is the invention of Covid vaccines all around the world. A fruitful reward of hard work of our genius scientists all around the world working with technologies. This mixture of brains and tech has saved many people and will save many lives in the future as well.

tech piecesMany new inventions in technology to look forward to are artificial intelligence, space travel which is coming true because of the one and only sir Elon Musk – one of the people I look up to most.

Robotics is one of the great technologies we’re seeing nowadays. Inventions such as electric cars or reusable space shuttle have paved our way to sustainable use of technologies which was very much needed to save our future generations. The fact that we’re thinking about the future for our children’s to be more secure and for them to use the technologies we used as well is a life – changing idea as well.

Everybody deserves to live a good life whether it is in terms of money or technology, everybody deserves to live with it. Technology has become available for more people whether someone is poor or rich everybody nowadays can afford to use it and getting impacted by it in a positive way. Many more steps are taken and efforts are being made to make technologies reachable to every person because that’s what it is made for, it’s sole purpose is to help ourselves live our best life to it’s best potential.

Many students who want to pursue a career in something but aren’t able to because of financial problems are able to study as many courses are available online free of cost.

I think that one day there’ll be some day a person will be immortal. The way or speed by which our world is making new discoveries and development in technologies, there’ll be a day our medical care system will be so strong that a person having incurable diseases will be cured, all we need is good hardworking people having a motivation to help people and some advancement that’s it. Cars are being made which have GPS system and technologies that are so effective that chances of having an accident have became less.

On a last note, technology being so strong holds power to both make our life so better beyond our imagination, also holds the power to destroy our worlds. Misuse of technology is also actively present in our world. Nuclear bombs are made by different countries to show that they’re much more powerful that others countries just doesn’t make any sense to me. Last time a nuclear attack was made, a masquerade happened in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

The nuclear mutation is so strong that many children born their still date are born with some disability. Everything has its own good use and misuses but we as respected citizens of our own countries should only use it to make positive effect on our lives and on lives of people around us who brings us so much joy.

It was just so hard to decide which piece of tech I like the most because there are so many great tools ,so many great gadgets to use, so I wrote about all the things I like about them. As I said before every gadget is made, every element of tech is made to make some impact on our human kind so every one of them and their creators needs to be appreciated. We need gratitude to make more great things happen and I would like to thank you for this competition.

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