Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime Smartphone

Technology, like art, is a soaring exercise of the human imagination.

– Daniel Bell

Technology plays a great role in our daily lives, especially in our current situation. As the pandemic lengthens, people in the Philippines are suffering longer. Talking about mental health, I, as a student, observed that many fellow Filipino students are having a hard time coping up on mentally. Dwelling against the hard times experienced, we used technology to cope up. People are installing application that are fun to use such as Tiktok, Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and many more just to divert attention.

Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime Smartphone

Furthermore, as months of being still in a middle of a pandemic, the government as well as the private schools decided to open classes online. Most of the students in the Philippines were actually sad for it is not a secret that most people in the Philippines are not rich. As well as me, I was having a hard time with my online classes due to the reason that our family’s personal computer is sick –pertaining to hardware which frequently shows me the blue screen of death. I cannot deny the fact that I am actually devastated, and frustrated that we do not have enough money to buy a new one, still I cannot argue with that fact.

After all, I still thank God for having a mother with a 3-year old plus Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime Smartphone. It may be old, but it is really helpful. It helped me in somehow barely coping up with my studies. It may not be so fast, yet it somewhat uphold the applications that I am using. There times that it collapsed for it does not have enough memory for the RAM and the ROM due to the reason that it is old, but at least I got something that I can use for my studies.

Above all, what is important for me as of the moment is that I can view, join the classes online and pass my assignment on time as much as possible. Do note that the Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime Smartphone is also used as a technology for a pass time like playing music because my mother owns a little sari-sari store that closes late at night. While playing music, my mother surf Facebook for hours, which I can attest that no matter how old my mother’s phone is, it still can last at least three (3) to four (4) hours of music and surfing.

I can say that it is not bad at all. Also, it can last at least two (2) to three (3) hours of online meeting, sometimes it lags in the middle of the middle of the meeting yet it usually comes back to its normal state.

This Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime Smartphone captures and holds many naughty and happy memories of our family in any occasions, and even our relatives and close friends. Sadly, the Gorilla Screen broke after almost two (2) years of using it, but one thing is for sure that it is still working in at least good condition. It still captures good images videos for my studies. It still syncs data; it still connects to a WiFi.

The bluetooth still connects; the charger still works, but almost, just almost broken. It still record clearly, and I still can edit videos on it, but it lags some times. It is still playable. My younger brothers use it to play a game called Mobile Legends and it runs a little, just a little smooth – sometimes it is heating a bit because surely it is not a gaming phone.

Lastly, the phone still offers a good to a so-so performance after all the years of using it at a price of approximately 360 – 370 US dollars. It was actually good; it helped me to be creative even if there are still many limits given by the Smartphone. The important thing is that I still chose to be creative in handling my studies in a way that I minimized the limitations given by my current situation because it is important to be wise in choosing the way to handle things in order to improve. And I can say that with Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime, I did something great with dealing challenges brought by lack of financial and material resources.

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