Unveiling The Future With The New Samsung 4-Door Refrigerator (with Family Hub)

If you asked me to probably choose a tech I want to uses, a smart refrigerator will never have to be in that option,  reason because when we talk about tech,  most of the time all will think about is phones, cars and others gadgets and guess what? No one ever talks about those wonderful tech found in the kitchen. If you have ever wished life was more like Disney’s smart house, without you ever to move around to get things working but with your voice or your mobile phone to get things working,  well here comes the New Samsung 4-Doors Refrigerator (With Family Hub).

Indeed this is heaven on earth. This Mind-blowing tech help us stay connected as one big happy family. Let us quickly look at why I love it and will recommend it to every family out there.

  • Metal Cooling System: If you have ever watched Kung-fu Chef, you will know the important of maintaining a constant temperature for our food product,  hence the Metal Cooling System does this to keep our food fresh and a good taste.
  • Twin Cooling Plus: This features enable the the fridge and the freezer to be cool and control independently. You can control the temperature independently from your phone even when you’re away from home or through your voice when you’re at home without pressing a button….
  • Ice Maker: The ice maker have a large capacity up to 2.7Ibs of Ice and at the front of the Ice Maker you have various options like crushed ice, cubed ice and water ice.. Crushed ice always my favourite.
  • Flex zone: This contain four flex zone with a divider that you can adjust to accommodate various size of stuffs such as bottle of wine and each of this divided flex zone are cool and control independently.

Samsung 4-Door Refrigerator

This is where the seven wonders of the world lies.

1) Display: The Samsung 4- Door Refrigerator comes with a big 21.5 inch, 1080 by 1920 display screen touch,  hence this  is called the family board.  This is an area where everybody can add content to be displayed whenever someone enters into the kitchen. It is my best place to send school pics to my mom at home and mom can’t help but to appreciate those pics. Another function is you can drop a message or a voice note  to be displayed on the big screen, I usually do this when I’m leaving home to a friend place.

2) App: There’s no dull moment with this smart refrigerator,  It comes  with  a lot of apps such as spofy, Netflix, YouTube, Grithub,  a lot more,  you can play your favorite music or watch a cooking  on YouTube.. I found out Eminem songs really rock in the kitchen..

3) Inside Camera: Smart Refrigerator have an inside camera that can show you inside view of the Refrigerator without opening the Refrigerator. This is very important when you’re out for shopping and you are not sure If you need to buy a certain foodstuff all you got to do is connect your phone to the family hub and the camera will show you the inside view of the kind of stuff in your refrigerator anywhere you are.

4) Wi-Fi and Bibys: you can mirror your phone to the refrigerator and watch and play your music with the inbuilt speakers,  most especially you can also control your phone from the refrigerator screen..   I can tell you everyday I do learn something new from my Smart refrigerator.

In concluding, I have to be honest with you, I’m not that really interested on smart refrigerator but this one is phenomenal and it kind of pretty hard for me to go back to use regular refrigerator that’s because I have a lot of smart tech at home but I never have a thought about the kitchen and yet our day begins and probably ends in the kitchen; in fact it is a family hub, where we all meet together stay connected and filled with joy and love.

Another thing is that our neighbors Just can’t look away without tempting to use this refrigerator, I strongly recommend it to everyone because the most important use of tech is to bring the family together and that’s what the this tech can do for you…  Home sweet home..

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