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At a Glance:

  • Network: 5G
  • Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 778G
  • Memory: 8GB+256GB
  • Display: 6.8″ FHD+ Max Vision display
  • Rear Camera: 108MP, 1/1.52″optical format, f/1.9 aperture, 0.7μm pixel size | Ultra Pixel Technology for 2.1μm
  • Front Camera: 32MP, f/2.25 aperture, 0.7um pixel size | Quad Pixel Technology for 1.4um.
  • Battery: 4000mAh
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Motorola Edge 20 is finally here! This new phone boasts a modern design, quality materials, and a big, gorgeous display. Coming in at a reasonable price, it contends with competing devices like the Galaxy A52 5G and the OnePlus Nord 2. But is it worth your hard-earned money?

The Motorola Edge 20 has great specs for a phone that only costs $499. With a powerful Snapdragon 778G processor, 8GB of RAM, and a 108MP main camera, it’s hard to beat the Edge 20. The device performs smoothly, has an amazing display, and sports a modern design. If you’re looking for a good mid-range smartphone in 2021, this might be the one for you.


The Motorola Edge 20 is a well-constructed phone, even with a plastic back. The weight is just 163g. The back is mainly made of plastic, which is probably one of the reasons it’s so light. But this choice of material is not a problem. It provides very little grip, which makes the phone slippery, but Motorola has included a case to help with that.

The Motorola Edge 20 has a sleek aluminum frame and a matte finish, but it is very easy to slip out of your grip. Even with the case, this is not a phone that you can hold comfortably. Despite this, I think this phone stands out from the rest of its class. It also comes in a variety of great colors.

Tech Reviews - Motoral Edge 20 bump - Tech News

The phone features a triple-camera system that sticks out. Not only does the thick camera bump stick out of the phone, but it also sticks out of the module. I understand that this design is due to the phone’s low-profile slim design of 6.99mm. Personally, I don’t mind the protrusion.

The Motorola Edge 20 has a big screen with very thin bezels. It also features a non-curved design, which is appreciated. The front of this phone has Gorilla Glass 3, which is reflective. It can be distracting at times, so it would’ve been great if they replaced it with less reflective glass. 

In the middle is the 32MP punch-hole camera. The earpiece is a rather wide cut on top, especially as it is not a second speaker. The Edge 20 has a single bottom-firing speaker. And the speaker itself is not impressive, it lacks depth and at high volumes, it sounds a bit squeaky. Only the IP52 rating for this phone, so be careful around water.

The fingerprint scanner is built into the power button of this phone. Nothing to be concerned about because the scanner is quite fast. All four buttons provide ample feedback and travel. I only wish they were a little lower because accessing the volume controls was particularly difficult. 


The Motorola Edge 20 comes with a stunning 6.7-inch OLED display with FHD+ resolution (2400 x 1080). The 144Hz refresh rate, which can be adjusted in the settings, is by far the best feature. This phone seems incredibly fluid and speedy when moving through the interface, thanks to the 576 Hz touch sampling rate. When surfing and gaming, the Edge 20’s refresh rate is noticeably higher than its predecessor.

Even with the reflective glass, this display is easily legible in direct sunlight. The colors are vibrant and well-balanced. Another feature of the panel that I enjoy is its tall aspect ratio (19.5:9). It reminds me of Sony’s Xperia phones, and I found the aspect ratio to be particularly practical when browsing.

Performance and storage

For its class, the Motorola Edge 20 is an excellent performer. It runs on a Snapdragon 778G processor, which is powerful enough for gaming and pushing the phone’s high refresh rate. It’s also a power-saving chip. It’s available with either 8GB or 16GB of RAM on the Edge 20. I had no trouble multitasking, and this phone does not overheat easily, even when performing intensive work.

I had no problems with network reception on this phone, which offers 5G connectivity. This phone is also Wi-Fi 6 compatible, so you won’t have to worry for years. 

There are two variants of the phone available in terms of storage: one with 128GB and one with 256GB. Because the storage isn’t expandable, you’ll need to think twice before making your purchase.

Software and features

You do not have to worry about any bloatware on this phone, and only Motorola’s services are preinstalled. These services include a lot of features that are really handy. The double twist of the phone to access the camera and the chopping motions to turn on the flashlight are both quite useful. These features aren’t unique to the Edge 20; they’re available on all Motorola phones. Overall, the UI is simple and intuitive, with few superfluous functions. 

Motorola’s Ready For software platform is included with the Motorola Edge 20. A TV or an external display can be turned into an Android-powered desktop PC using this platform. You can connect your phone wirelessly to a screen and use it as a trackpad, or you can use its USB-C port to connect to a computer. Ready For allows you to use a larger screen to run your favorite Android apps and games. A wireless keyboard and mouse may also be connected to the phone for a better overall experience.

Windows 10 PCs may use the platform as well. From your desktop computer, you may easily communicate with both your phone and your computer’s files. Even in wireless mode, the Ready For software platform performed easily and without any issues; however, you must have a strong and reliable internet connection for this to work.


Motorola Edge 20

The Motorola Edge 20 features a triple-camera system. This system includes a dual-LED flash and a third microphone. This microphone supports what Motorola refers to as Audio Zoom. Audio Zoom is a video recording feature that amplifies the sound of the object you’re zooming in on while removing other noises, such as those made during filming. The feature functions as intended, and I believe it will be extremely useful at a concert or sporting event.

The Edge 20’s main camera has a 108MP sensor, an f/1.9 aperture, and UltraPixel technology. The UltraPixel technology combines nine pixels into one larger pixel, resulting in a 12MP photo with better low-light performance.

In terms of the images themselves, these are fantastic. Photos taken with the Motorola Edge 20 in daylight have a lot of details, are sharply focused, and have an accurate exposure. The only thing that applies to all three cameras is that I wish the final images were a little more saturated, as I found them to be a little muted. Of course, with some editing, you can easily change that.

Battery life

The Motorola Edge 20 comes with a 4000mAh battery, which might be small for a modern mid-range smartphone. The OnePlus Nord 2 and Poco F3 both have 4500mAh batteries, while the Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite 5G has 4250mAh. 

Having said that, the Motorola Edge 20’s endurance is perfectly adequate. A 16-hour day of moderate use (around 4 hours of screen-on time) would typically leave me with around 40% power – and this was with the screen refresh rate set to 144Hz rather than the more efficient Auto mode default.

When it comes to charging, a 30W TurboCharger is included. It charges fairly quickly, with a 0 to 50% recharge time of about 25 minutes and a 0 to 100% charge time of about an hour. To compare, the OnePlus can achieve those results in roughly half the time.


The Motorola Edge 20 is a superb mid-range phone with wonderful features including a powerful processor, a sharp 108-megapixel camera, and a fluid 144Hz display. Its design could use some improvement, and you might miss out on some features like stereo speakers. Camera performance degrades dramatically as the light level drops, as well.

The Motorola Edge 20 isn’t quite the complete mid-range package that the OnePlus Nord 2 is. It also lacks the Poco F3’s raw performance and overall outstanding value. However, it is a composed and worthwhile alternative with a few caveats.

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