Accessibility is Everything

And that is why my favorite piece of tech (just like a big chunk of the community) is a mobile phone. Now that I think about it, mobile phones have changed many aspects of our lives which would’ve otherwise been permanent. This complicated piece of tech has made our lives so comfortable, especially in this era of information the span of functionality for cellphones has expanded drastically from the time it set out to be a simple communication device and the fact that they are STILL nowhere near their maximum efficiency is staggering.

And what is the reason for this influence that no other piece of technology has seen?

5.22 billion mobiles for the world’s population of 7.58 billion! That is a lot!! The reasons that I can think of are:

  • The size within which cellphones manage to yield all the working of a computer.
  • Mobile phones being much more cost-effective made the internet truly accessible for everyone.
  • The rapid pace with which cellphone industries update themselves (both hardware and software) is something that no other tech has reached yet this is needed to quench the thirst through the globe caused by the advancement of all the other technology.

These are just some of the generalized features. As mobiles are compatible with nearly all the advancements in the branch of automation, the possibilities are still endless.

How Mobile Phones Changed My Life?

And this marvelous creation has changed my life for the better in SO many ways, as a kid from the early 2000’s even though we were well exposed to the wonders of tech but the process to attain them were rather tedious, and one mobile phone(after its growth of a little more than half a decade) has merged hours in the university library, several trips to the Internet cafe and banks under a flick of my wrist (something that kids these days take for granted Which for me still seems like a dream come true).

mobile phonesNow that we’ve got my personal story out of the way I would like to point out how different our lives would be without cellphones (some might say “for the better” but Hush!! that’s another type of article). Can you imagine strutting across the town in search of empty cubicles of internet cafes because you wanted to watch Cat videos in the middle of the night (because insomnia hides in cute ways), or booting up your computer only to nag your friend??

Mobile phones have opened up the window for entertainment at places we thought it was improbable. They have easily replaced a telephone, a computer, a camera, a watch, a few more devices, and several services(weather, GPS, banks, internet, shopping ).

Even with the cons that have tagged along Mobile Phones are a massive advantage at any point of one’s life if used accordingly.

Why Should Everyone Have It?

Adding to all the points that I have discussed already (quite repetitively might I add), I would like to say that Mobile phones that are taken for granted might be something that some people would never experience.

As a mobile seems to be one of the easiest pieces of tech for both assembly (considering lots of factors) and usage, They can be distributed across places in dire need of awareness and information.

Living in one of the still-developing Countries I can spot people with talent struggling for information or wasting their potential in ignorance. As silly as this seems all they need might just a cell phone! And this is visible in a large group of people. For Instance in India, the rise in the number of gamers and content creators (with extremely good quality content and gameplay) who are barely above the poverty line make it through with a simple mobile phone, and some have already climbed the ladder from poverty to fame.

In conclusion, Mobile Phones create easy accessibility (after all, what good is a piece of information if it’s not readily available in time) and connects the isolated corners of our worlds.

Accessibility allows us to tap into everyone’s potential – Debrah Ruh

And with each other, we can create an extraordinary future



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