mag padWhat is a Mag Pad?

It is a ridiculously strong, soft, anti-scratch magnetic pad that you can stick to just about anything. Conforming to the shape of the surface, the Mag Pad bends and flexes to allow it to stick to uneven or curved surfaces. With ridiculous strength on both sides, you can bring your tools back to your toolbox when complete.

How strong is a Mag Pad?

Strong enough to hold weight lifting plates to the wall – even a 50-pounder! Just slap it and stick it. Despite all this strength, it can be removed with just two fingers. If you know someone who can use something like this, act now and purchase it in their website.

A few months ago, I saw a commercial for a Mag Pad. The commercial is really awesome, I was like blown-away. I was skeptical because it seemed that it’s good to be true. I followed the link, and I bought it; when it came in, I was extremely impressed with it. I was looking at all the reviews, it is for sale on different places, for different prices.

I think this is a very useful product that a lot of people can use on a daily basis that will actually improve their productivity and just make life easier. But if you don’t get the right product, you’re going to get ripped off and not going to have the benefit.

The product is actually a series of magnets inside, sandwiched between two pieces of really super-strong, flexible rubber. And in the center is a very durable sponge-like material. So basically, it uses the friction of rubber on the outside and the flexibility of the foam inside along with the magnets. So, when you put all that together, it’s much better that just a magnet.

You can put it on the side of the car or under the hood without damaging the car. You can use it for if you’re working in a lawnmower, carpentry, or anything that you have screws, tools, bolts, metal parts involved. You can stick it to it and put it in any position.

The Mag Pad was invented with one purpose, to save our most valuable non-renewable resource on this planet. Time. Dropping, accidentally kicking, or otherwise misplacing tools can eat up literally hours of our time. It can also cost money, which you can only replace through more time spent working.

This is time we don’t need to give up. Life is busy enough. The Mag Pad helps your tools stay organized and secure. We’re not saying it will change your life, but it will save valuable minutes and significantly reduce your frustrations while working.

Stop leaving your tools sitting on the windshield or laying on the garage floor. When you do that, you can’t ever find what you are looking for. Get your shit together and get a Mag-Pad.

Whether you’re a professional mechanic or a weekend Mr. Fix it, the Mag Pad is perfect for you.

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