Blood pressure is arguably one of the most important vitals that you need to keep an eye on if you want to monitor your health. By checking blood pressure, it’s possible to monitor if medications are needed or working. Thanks to technology, we have hundreds of automated blood pressure monitors to do the job for us. We’ve picked the five best blood pressure monitors for 2021:

iHealth Track Wireless Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

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The iHealth Wireless Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor takes the patient experience to the next level. This blood pressure monitor features clinically validated technology and provides instant blood pressure assessment with an easy-to-read color-coded indicator for normal, high, and low blood pressure readings. The device itself can store up to 99 readings.

You can use the iHealth Track Wireless Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor with the free iHealth MyVitals app to get a bigger picture of your overall health. With the app, you can view your results, learn more about each measurement, add notes, store results in a digital logbook, set reminders, and export data to share with your doctor.

OMRON Platinum Blood Pressure Monitor

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OMRON’s Platinum Blood Pressure Monitor is designed to give accurate readings every time with its Advanced Averaging and TruRead technology. The large LCD display allows you to easily see the results, and the user-friendly design makes reading and reviewing results a no-brainer. This blood pressure monitor has enough storage space for 200 readings, making it the ideal blood pressure monitor for two users. This monitor comes complete with an AC adapter, and a standard-sized cuff (Medium Adult).

With the OMRON Connect app, you can your health management to a whole new level. That’s because the smart design lets you easily store and track readings, and even share them with your doctor. You can also connect with Amazon Alexa to view and manage your readings, including setting reminders for each time you take your blood pressure.

QardioArm Blood Pressure Monitor

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QardioArm is a blood pressure monitor designed to make monitoring your health easier. It is small and lightweight, allowing users to easily store the device on their bedside table or in their purse or pocket, making it convenient to take blood pressure readings anywhere and at any time. The QardioArm is designed to be autonomous, yet also syncs with popular fitness apps to create a central dashboard where you track your progress over time.

With the QardioArm, you can easily monitor your blood pressure and heart activity on your mobile device. This blood pressure monitor pairs wirelessly with up to eight devices at a time, and automatically averages three readings for accuracy. With clinically accurate results and the ability to share your data automatically, QardioArm is the natural choice for a healthy lifestyle.

OMRON 7 Series Wireless Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

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The OMRON 7 Series Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor provides comfortable and accurate readings without you having to move your arm making it an ideal monitor for users with limited mobility. It fits wrists ranging from 5.3″ to 8.5″ in circumference and detects irregular heartbeats, giving you a complete snapshot of your blood pressure and pulse rate. 

It uses advanced wrist wrap technology, allowing for simple and precise measurements. A simple one-touch operation activates the cuff’s inflatable bladder, and the monitor can record up to 90 blood pressure and pulse rate readings with date and time stamps. 

With Bluetooth connectivity and the free Omron app, you can wirelessly store your blood pressure readings when you want and where you want – your doctor’s office, local pharmacy, etc. You can also take advantage of the new Amazon Alexa skill with your Amazon Echo or Echo Dot.

LAZLE Blood Pressure Monitor

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The LAZLE Blood Pressure Monitor is a fully automatic blood pressure monitor. It is sensitive enough to track heartbeat failures that might go unnoticed. The Monitor has advanced measuring techniques and great features that provide you the most accurate reading. Packaged in a convenient case, it’s lightweight and can be taken with you anywhere.

The LAZLE Blood Pressure Monitor stores up to 200 readings for two users and each reading comes with a date and time stamp. It features a large high-resolution display with clear large fonts, designed to be easy to read both day and night.

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