Since the first reported case of COVID-19, until it became a pandemic, people were on the verge of fighting between life and death everyday. The Pandemic brought hard time for the entire human race to continue crusading for life everyday. Everyone was required to wear a mask, lockdowns were imposed in different corners of the world. Corpses were like new born babies as it rises every single minute.

Cellphones are the basic unit of the technological era in the context of the gadgets world

Tech Reviews - coronavirus - Tech NewsCellphones become the modern blueprint of our future

Education and employment are among the most vulnerable sectors affected by COVID-19 pandemic. As we shifted with the new normal life, we were challenged on how we will live our lives on a day-to-day basis. School was transferred to our homes. Bedrooms now become our new workplace. With this, we were spending almost our whole day facing gadgets, most likely cellphones. Also, researchers assert that during lockdowns, people get bored and they use phones more often than before. The average time of us facing the monitors of our cell phones increased.

Mobile phones have been our friend, when we feel sad and we want to talk to someone, a cellphone is the first thing that will come to our minds. Opening different apps talking to different persons. It becomes our new crying shoulder. It helps us ease our thoughts by providing us something to watch, something to listen to and something to entertain us, games, books and the like.

Also, cell phones are the new classroom for students, especially for those who don’t own other gadgets. It is where they met their classmates, it is where they do their tasks and it is where they can communicate with their professors. The virtual classroom setting mostly happens in the cell phone screens.

Offices are now within the touch of our fingertips. Attending meetings via video conference, wearing formal tops but short shorts for the bottom dress. This is the new normal.

Distance learning, work from home, online reaching out with friends and online funeral discourse, are very common to take place in cell phones. It gave us an avenue to at least stay connected with other people. It helps us ease our sadness and pain.

Cellphones become the modern blueprint of our future. Our performances done through cellphones measure how eligible we are for our job, and how smart we are as students. Thus, the cellphone is our prime weapon in battling the new normal life that we have. It helps us get through tons of struggles.

Cellphones are now an essential part of our lives. It helps us in our studies and in doing our jobs. It also gave us an opportunity to talk to people we value amidst distance, and amidst a pandemic.

cellphonesOn another perspective, cell phones should be used in moderation. Children should be monitored as it may harm them mentally, emotionally and morally. We should advocate for safety in the use of cellphones — and other gadgets as a whole.

In addition, no matter how essential mobile phones are, the rise of the need for students and employees to possess a more powerful gadget such as a laptop is undeniable. It will help them have a faster way of generating reports for school or for their offices, respectively. Moreover, laptops will also help them do more things that cannot be done by mere phones. However, cellphones are more accessible and affordable for many.

Therefore, we are all amenable that cellphones are the basic unit of the technological era in the context of the gadgets world. Thus, it is undeniable that mobile phones are practically the most used gadget of the entire humanity. Moreover, it is also beneficial as evident in the previous points;

  1. It helps us to attend school amidst pandemic
  2. It enables us to attend work at home and
  3. It is an easy way to communicate with friends, family and our loved ones.

In an era of technology and modernization we should be wise with our decisions and choices for as much as we click everyday, it mirrors our future. It is a building block for our dreams — it is a pixel that’s supporting us to develop what lies ahead. It programs the life that we want to have soon. It radiates hope and charges wisdom among the human race. It becomes our vehicle to reach the destination that we want to go.

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