As a girl in a third-world country that had little to no knowledge about the world, a cellphone drastically changed my life, and even a big word such as ‘drastically’ is an understatement. When I got my smartphone, I was amazed to learn how much the world had to offer. Through this device I discovered different cultures, I learned to respect those cultures, I learned the history of the world, I learned to appreciate it, I learned about my history and culture and I was surprised to know how much schools have failed to teach us.

Cellphone Drastically Changed my Life

I learned my most prized skill, my art, through a cellphone. My art distinguished me from many individuals. Schools in my country seldomly provide such classes. These are reserved for the more privileged. Music, art, dance, drama, sports, etc, everything is reserved for the privileged, even laptops.

I got to learn dancing through my cellphone, I got to discover music through my cellphone, I discovered various music artists and music from all around the world, through my phone. I discovered lyrics that touched my soul, through my phone I discovered how to tune a guitar, how to clean a guitar, how to change the strings, how to make music. Through my phone, I was able to connect with various people around the world and get their opinion, get their suggestions, get tips and gain experience.

CellphoneBecause of my phone I proved that you don’t need to go to a private school to gain basic life skills, I proved that you don’t need the privilege to carve the way in life, I proved that all you need in life is passion, dedication, and ambition. My cellphone has made my life much easier and more managed as a student and as an individual. It holds all my schedules, curriculum, music, videos, and pictures from my most cherished moments in life, even of those who aren’t around anymore.

My cellphone has allowed me to find lessons on topics that I am interested in and topics that aren’t naturally available to me. My cellphone allows me to stay in contact with my teachers and find help on the other side of the world for a different perspective. My cellphone allows me to connect with various teenagers my age and in similar situations.

When the pandemic hit, it got hard for me to get treatment for my depression and my anxiety got worse. My family could no longer afford therapy, my cellphone allowed me to connect with people around the world who helped me get through life, who still do.

I had music to calm me down, I always have, but the relief you get when you talk things out with people your age in tough situations is unmatched. It tells you that you’re not alone. It tells you that the world is not over and that you still have more time, you have so much more to do and so much to explore, you have so much more things to experience and, in my case, so much more undiscovered music to listen to and so many untapped beats to create.

All the diversity and friends you get from the internet make your life shine with vibrant colors and your mind filled with new ideas, ideas that are the sole reason for your existence, ideas that form the base of who you are and where you reach. Through my phone could I explore different worlds, different minds, and different perspectives. Through my phone, I discovered the amazing people that changed my life. Through my phone, I discovered what I didn’t know existed.

Through my phone I became a dolphin that gracefully roamed the serene ocean, through my phone I became a butterfly that gently soared through rainforests, through my phone I became a star falling at great speeds through the endless abyss of the galaxy, through my phone, I became musician, an artist, a dancer, a better person, healthier, wiser, more inquisitive, more creative.

Through my phone, I discovered my motive, my success drive, my dream, space. Through my phone, I discovered great astronauts who stayed in the vacuum of the never-ending galaxy and studied the bane of its existence, of our existence. Through my phone I observe their work, I read their biographies,  I learn about their experiments, I learn about them.

Through my phone I do research, I search for ways to become one of them, to work with them, to work hard, and be better than them. Through my phone learned so much and continue to learn more, through my phone, I discovered myself, and now, through my phone, I write in the hopes of getting a new window to see the world.

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