The best travel cameras mix portability and smart capabilities to ensure that you can capture all the beautiful sceneries you see no matter where you go. If you’re going on vacation, the last thing you want to bring is bulky equipment, therefore both the camera and lens/lenses should be lightweight. Whether you shoot photos, video, or a combination of the two, there are numerous compact cameras that take up little space yet deliver significantly higher-quality footage than your phone. While any camera can be used as a trip camera, these are the ones we believe are the finest.


Panasonic TZ200

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  • Sensor: 1-inch type, 20.1MP
  • Lens: 24-360mm, f/3.3-6.4
  • Display: 3.0-inch touchscreen, 1,240K dots
  • Viewfinder: EVF
  • Continuous shooting: 10fps
  • Max Video Resolution: 4K
  • User level: Beginner/Intermediate
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When traveling, the last thing you want is to be bogged down by equipment – but you’ll also want a camera capable of capturing any scene and coming as near as possible to the quality of a ‘real’ camera. That is precisely what the best small travel cameras with long zoom achieve, and the TZ200/SZ200 is at the top of the heap.

The TZ200/SZ200 features a 1-inch, 20-megapixel sensor similar to that found in many of the top compact cameras, but with the addition of a 15x zoom lens. This ranges from a 24mm wide-angle view to a 360mm equivalent long-range telephoto setting.

The TZ200/SZ200 provides great JPEG photographs directly from the camera and also includes raw shooting and 4K video capabilities.  Panasonic’s 4K photo mode generates 8K photos from burst sequences recorded at 30 frames per second. A macro mode enables you to focus on objects as close as 3cm away. With the 4K Photo mode, you may even select the focus point AFTER the image has been taken. This is the finest travel camera for individuals looking for quality and adaptability without having to deal with multiple lenses.


Sony Cyber-shot RX100 VII

Tech Reviews - Sony RX100 VII - Tech News

  • Sensor: 1-inch type, 20.1MP
  • Lens: 24-200mm, f/2.8-4.5
  • Display: 3.0-inch tilt-angle touchscreen, 921K dots
  • Viewfinder: EVF
  • Continuous shooting: 90fps
  • Max Video Resolution: 4K
  • User level: Intermediate
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If money is not an issue, there should be no reason not to invest in the RX100 VII. It gives nearly everything you might want in a pocket-sized camera. The huge one-inch sensor gives exceptional images, while the highly adaptable zoom lens gets you close to the action while also being wide enough to capture stunning landscapes and interiors.

A pop-up viewfinder is ideal for traditionalists when composing or when the sun is too bright to see the screen clearly. The video standards are also excellent, with a new microphone socket undoubtedly catering to the travel vlogging community. If you’re primarily a stills shooter, there’s no advantage to picking up the VII over the slightly older VI, while subsequent models are also excellent deals if you don’t require such a long zoom.


Fujifilm X100V

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  • Sensor: 26.1MP X-Trans CMOS
  • Lens: 23mm, f/2
  • Display: 3.0-inch tilt-angle touchscreen, 1.62m dots
  • Viewfinder: EVF
  • Continuous shooting: 11fps (mechanical), 30fps (electronic)
  • Max Video Resolution: 4K
  • User level: Intermediate
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A high-end small camera with a fixed 23mm f/2 lens that takes design cues from vintage analog cameras from the 1950s? That sounds just like the definition of a niche. And yet, far from being out of step with the times, Fujifilm’s X100V is one of the best travel cameras available.

For one thing, it takes the small size that made the X100F so easy to carry and adds a tilting touchscreen that is very useful. The perks include gesture assistance and the ability to shoot at tight angles more easily.

Inside, a new 26.1MP sensor and X-Processor 4 deliver enhanced focusing, image quality, and high ISO performance, enhancing what was already an exceptional shooting experience with the fixed aperture lens. Add the ability to shoot 4K/30p footage on the fly, as well as a better resolution hybrid EVF, and you’ve got a truly powerful pocket camera – if you’re willing to pay a premium.


Canon PowerShot G9 X Mark II

Tech Reviews - Canon PowerShot G9 X - Tech News

  • Sensor: 1-inch, 20.1MP
  • Lens: 28-84mm equivalent f/2-4.9
  • Display: 3in flip-up touchscreen, 1,040,000 dots
  • Viewfinder: N/A
  • Continuous shooting speed: 8.2fps
  • Max video resolution: 1080p
  • User level: Beginner/enthusiast
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Canon offers numerous smaller cameras with 1-inch sensors, the smallest of which is the G9 X Mark II. With dimensions of 98.0 x 57.9 x 31.3mm and a weight of 206g, it’s so small that you really have to hold one to realize how small it is. This does imply that the rear panel is dominated by the 3-inch screen, resulting in a dearth of physical buttons, none of which include the standard 4-way navigation dial.

Because of the smaller size, you don’t get an electronic viewfinder, but many EVFs on ultra-compact cameras are small and hard to use, so you might not be missing out on anything. The 3x zoom lens is another space-saving compromise. Although its maximum aperture of f/2 is respectable, it is reduced to a meager f/4.9 at the 84mm equivalent maximum zoom. However, if you don’t mind the G9 X’s limited zoom range, it’s the finest travel camera for those looking to save money while still getting the image quality of a 1-inch sensor.


Panasonic Lumix G100

Tech Reviews - Panasonic LUMIX G100 - Tech News

  • Sensor: Micro Four Thirds, 20.3MP
  • Lens mount: MFT
  • Display: 3-inch vari-angle, 1,840k dots
  • Viewfinder: EVF, 3.69m dots
  • Continuous shooting speed: 10fps
  • Max video resolution: 4K UHD
  • User level: Beginner/enthusiast
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People no longer shoot only stills! For many of us, video is just as vital as still photographs, if not more so, and the Lumix G100 is geared squarely at these vloggers and content creators. Its user-friendly button layout makes it simple to capture high-quality video and stills.

Even those who are uninterested in the technical aspects of capturing high-quality videos will be able to achieve results with this camera. When designing a camera for social media creatives, there is an inherent risk of dumbing things down excessively, but Panasonic has avoided this pitfall with the Lumix G100. Panasonic has given the G100 an edge in a highly competitive market by equipping it with a great viewfinder and “serious camera” ergonomics.

This is an excellent camera to start with if you’re interested in both vlogging and traditional photography. Additionally, it is a super-compact camera that accepts a wide variety of Micro Four Thirds lenses.


Sony ZV-1

Tech Reviews - Sony ZV 1 - Tech News

  • Sensor size: 1-inch, 20.1MP
  • Lens: 24-70mm f/1.8-2.8
  • Display: 3.0-inch vari-angle touchscreen, 921,600 dots
  • Viewfinder: None
  • Maximum continuous shooting rate: 24fps
  • Max Video Resolution: 4K/30p
  • User level: Beginner/Intermediate
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Although it may appear to be another Sony RX100-based camera, the Sony ZV-1 is much more than that. If you’ve used one of the RX100 cameras, you’re probably familiar with the sensor and lens. The controls, rear screen, and body of this camera are all excellent. It, too, features the popular 24-70mm zoom range and a variable aperture of f/1.8 – f/2.8.

While the SteadyShot active stabilization isn’t the best, the focusing is quite good. It features a vari-angle, rear-tilting screen that makes it ideal for recording oneself or shooting selfies, and it includes a mic-wind shield that ensures the audio quality remains rather high even when using the built-in mic. It’s an excellent tiny compact camera for both video and still photography, and it produces high-quality images.


Olympus TG-6

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  • Sensor: 12MP 1/2.3-inch
  • Lens: 25-100mm, f/2-4.9
  • Display: 3.0-inch, 1,040K dots
  • Viewfinder: N/A
  • Continuous shooting: 20fps
  • Max Video Resolution: 4K/30p
  • User level: Beginner/intermediate
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With its Tough series, Olympus probably pioneered the hardcore camera trend, and the TG-6 continues this legacy. With its freeze-proof, shock-proof, and waterproof capabilities, the Tough TG-6 is one of the most robust travel cameras available. Its industrial style is reassuringly strong, with intricate catch mechanisms protecting the ports. Large buttons make operation beneath the waves simple, and the upgraded 3-inch LCD display provides adequate viewing in most settings.

The image quality is acceptable for a 1/2.3-inch sensor camera, with good, rich colors — though there is a propensity for the camera to overexpose and blow out highlights. A 25-100mm equivalent zoom range is reasonable, and the availability of 4K video and raw shooting adds flexibility. Although it is not a significant increase over the TG-5, the Olympus TG-6 is an excellent pick for all-action travelers.


GoPro Hero 10 Black

Tech Reviews - GoPro HERO10 Black - Tech News

  • Sensor: 23MP 1/2.3in
  • Lens: N/A
  • Display: 2.27-inch touchscreen (rear), 1.4-inch LCD (front)
  • Viewfinder: N/A
  • Continuous shooting: 30fps
  • Max Video Resolution: 5.3K at 60fps
  • User level: Beginner
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GoPro cameras have long provided rugged video versatility in the palm of your hand. The Hero 10 Black does not reinvent the action camera formula but rather refines it. It uses the same 23MP 1/2.3-inch sensor as the Hero 9 Black and a GP2 processor to shoot 5K at 60 frames per second and 4K slow-mo at a silky smooth 120 frames per second. It also employs the same chip to provide a sleeker interface that is easier to use with the rear touchscreen.

While it is still not the greatest in low light, it excels during the day: the combination of HyperSmooth 4.0 image stabilization and enhanced horizon-leveling ensures that your videos remain stable even when tilted to 45 degrees. Whether you’re trekking, kayaking, cycling, or simply strolling through town, the perfectly compact Hero 10 Black will enable you to capture stunning footage in any situation.

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