A smart smoke detector is a handy addition to any home, apartment, or office. These devices not only protect you with an alarm but can also alert you while you’re away. That’s because these devices will send a signal to the cloud so you can receive alerts on your smartphone.

Smart Smoke Detectors

For many years, people have been dealing with the high-pitched beeps from fire detectors. But now, with new smart smoke detectors, you can get voice alerts and smartphone notifications instead. We’ve compiled a list of the best smart smoke detectors for your home.

Smart Smoke Detectors Quick Facts

Fire and smoke detection sensors

When it comes to smoke alarms, there are two types to keep in mind: ionization and photoelectric. Ionization alarms react best to fast-burning fires, while photoelectric alarms will be better at telling you about smoldering fires. You should have both alarm types in your house. For example, the Nest Protect is designed with both types of alarms.

Carbon monoxide and other gas detection

You might not have a fire in your home, but it’s important to protect yourself against carbon monoxide. It can be deadly, even if you don’t see the smoke coming. For this reason, a good carbon monoxide detector should detect carbon monoxide and other harmful gas.

Hardwired vs. battery-powered

Hardwired alarms do not usually use batteries as they are powered by electricity in your home. The only time a hardwired alarm uses batteries is as a backup. They provide a steady and reliable alert, and if one goes off, all the rest will go off too. Standalone detectors need regular batteries and cannot signal each other in the event of an emergency, but are usually easier to mount. For instance, if you’re on a budget and want to save space, a standalone detector might be right for you.

Nest Protect

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  • Detects: Smoke, carbon monoxide
  • Works with: Nest, Google Home, Philips Hue, IFTTT, Wink, Lutron
  • Hardwired/battery: Yes/Yes
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Nest’s smoke detector can alert you to both carbon monoxide and smoke, and when it does, it will not only sound an alarm but also tell you in which room the alarm is coming from. The smoke detector will also emit a visual cue: a ring of light on the bottom of the alarm that changes color to let you know what is going on.

The Nest Protect comes in both wired and battery-powered versions. For peace of mind, it’s best to have more than just one Nest Protect in your home. When the alarm goes off on one Nest Protect, the others will sound an alert to tell you which location the fire is closest to.

First Alert Onelink Smoke Detector

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  • Detects: Smoke, carbon monoxide
  • Works with: Alexa, FIRST ALERT Home App
  • Hardwired/battery: Yes/Yes
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The First Alert Onelink is not just a smoke detector. It also has a carbon monoxide sensor and a built-in Alexa assistant. It is armed with photoelectric and electrochemical sensors, so your family can be safe from fire and gas. So you can speak to it to get the weather, play music, set timers, and more. You can install it anywhere your old smoke detector was—like your kitchen or bedroom.

With the First Alert Onelink, your home is always protected. Whether you’re at work while the kids are home alone or on vacation. It connects to your Wi-Fi and sends alerts to your phone when something goes wrong, even if you aren’t home. It also has some old-school features: voice alerts and an 85 dB alarm.

Kidde Wireless Interconnect Smoke Alarm

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  • Detects: Smoke, carbon monoxide
  • Hardwired/battery: No/Yes
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If you are looking for a detector that is affordable and still has lots of features, this Kidde model should do the job. It doesn’t have the expensive app control or smartphone notifications, but it does have some clever features like wireless connectivity with other Kidde detectors and lights so you know it’s working correctly. It also has a clear low battery indicator so you’ll know when to replace the device.

Kidde Wireless Interferential Smoke Alarm has a locking pin to ensure children can’t tamper with it. On top of that, there’s a hush mode to keep unnecessary alarms quiet. It’s designed to be placed within arm’s reach, but the twist-off mounting ensures it is less likely to be tampered with.

Roost Smart Battery 2nd gen

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  • Detects: n/a
  • Works with: n/a
  • Hardwired/battery: No/Yes
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You’re already protected and alarmed. Protect yourself a little more with the Roost battery, which connects to your smoke detectors wirelessly. It’s perfect for those who want peace of mind and want to be notified when the siren goes off. The second-generation Roost battery is more intuitive than the original, with a simple setup process.

The battery works with an app, which offers you the chance to silence alarms for up to two minutes and even automatically send out alerts. Unfortunately, it does not currently work with IFTTT or other smart home systems. 

The Roost is designed to last up to five years and will work with any smoke/CO alarms that use a 9-volt battery. The Roost can be used for both hard-wired alarms that are powered by a 9V battery, or for alarms that have a 9V backup battery.

First Alert OneLink Safe & Sound

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  • Detects: Smoke, carbon monoxide
  • Works with: Alexa, Homekit
  • Hardwired/battery: Yes/No
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The OneLink Safe & Sound is a smart device to alert you in the case of a fire. It detects smoke and carbon monoxide, notifies you on your smartphone, and tells you the type and location of the fire. You can use OneLink Safe & Sound for many other purposes. With Amazon’s Alexa and the 10-watt speaker, Safe & Sound can play music, read audiobooks, and access Alexa’s skills – which includes thousands of other helpful services.

The OneLink Safe & Sound is compatible with Apple’s HomeKit and AirPlay. In order to work, it must be hard-wired.

First Alert Onelink Dual Sensor

Tech Reviews - Onelink Dual Sensor - Tech News

  • Detects: Smoke, carbon monoxide
  • Works with: Alexa, Homekit
  • Hardwired/battery: Yes/No
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The First Alert OneLink Dual Sensor is the perfect device for any home. It’s not only a smoke and carbon monoxide detector, it’s also a beautiful smart device. The OneLink will collect data and send notifications to your smartphone, and it can even respond to voice commands. The device also has its own app, but if you don’t want to download that there are apps available for Alexa, Apple HomeKit, and the Home App. The alarm will fire off an 85-decibel alarm to wake up people inside the house in case of an emergency.

The First Alert Onelink Dual Sensor’s battery compartment makes it easy to change the batteries. A slide-off door gives you access to the installed battery. If you don’t want to be bothered with battery replacement, there is an alternative – a hardwired model. 

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