Is There a Cordless Jump Rope?

Smart jump ropes offer a great way to burn more calories within a short period of time. With the help of these fitness gadgets, you get to do a range of effective exercises.

smart jump ropes


Smart jump ropes have highly advanced features that offer you so many benefits, such as tracking your calories and time spent jumping. This way, you can easily change the intensity of each workout based on your condition.

Here are our picks for the best smart jump rope in 2021.

Tangram Smart Jump Rope Rookie

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The Rookie smart rope by Tangram pairs with your mobile phone and an app so you can see your jump rope sessions on a chart, allowing you to track your progress over time and helping you learn what works best for you. The rope measures the length of each jump, the number of jumps in succession, speed, and calories burned. All of these data are presented as a series of charts that make it easy to pinpoint areas for improvement.

The Rookie can be easily adjusted to fit all sizes and ability levels of most people. You can share it with friends without having to cut off the excess. This smart jump rope is ergonomically designed to perfectly rest on the palm of your hands without having to worry about slipping even if you sweat profusely while working out. The Rookie is powered by a coin battery that can last up to 9 months.

Fairsh Cordless Jump Rope

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The Fairsh Jump Rope can help you get fit whether you’re indoors or outdoors. By using an advanced 360° low resistance rotary bearing system in combination with soft laminated jump-rope handles, it is able to achieve a greater rotation and therefore creates more resistance to provide the user with a more effective cardiovascular workout than traditional jump ropes. The handle also has integrated counter functionality so you know how many jumps you have completed. 

The Fairsh jump rope is a great exercise tool for both kids and adults. With its high quality, thick, and durable silicone handle, this jump rope provides you a non-slip grip to prevent the jump rope from slipping through your hands while working out.

Gugudan Smart Digital Weighted Jumping Rope

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The Gugudan Smart Digital Weighted Jumping Rope is perfect for anyone looking to get fit and lose weight. This rope is designed to be operated with or without a cord so you can still work out even if you have limited space. This smart jump rope features an upgraded chip and an easy-to-use screen that shows the calories burned, countdown timer, and alarm to help you keep track of your fitness goals.

The Gugudan Smart Digital Weighted Jumping Rope’s handle is made of high-quality and comfortable silicone material that won’t easily slip even if you have sweaty palms. The cord can be adjusted on the fly so kids and adults can use it anytime. This smart jump rope is powered by a CR2032 battery.

Keenstone Smart Jump Rope

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Keenstone Smart Jump Rope is a fitness device that will help you burn fat and improve your health. With this jump rope, you can get a full-body workout in the convenience of your home. The Keenstone jump rope is 9.6 feet long and comes with a patented design that allows you to adjust the cord length according to your needs. The handles rest comfortably in your hands and have built-in ball bearings to prevent the cord from twisting and winding. 

Using the SkipJoy app, you can jump rope by yourself or connect with friends to add an extra challenge. Start your jump rope session and the app will count your jumps, set exercise goals, and track your progress. And if you’re traveling alone, the app also has other games that can help make exercising fun by adding a virtual jump rope opponent who competes against you as you try to beat your personal best.

Sizi Smart Jump Rope

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The Sizi Smart Jump Rope can help keep your heart in top shape. This rope comes with a built-in activity tracker to count your jumps, sets, and calories burned while motivating you to work out even harder. The large three-and-a-half-inch ball bearings keep the rope spinning smoothly, and its durable PVC coating provides endless exercise options that won’t wear out as quickly as regular jump ropes.

The Sizi Smart Jump Rope comes with an HD LED screen that displays time and number of circles jumped along with calories burned. It also counts jumps and circles automatically via its internal sensor. It has a built-in battery so you won’t have to worry about purchasing one when you run out of power. It has a standby time of about 45 days and can be charged via USB.

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