RFID technology is an excellent way to track items and can make for a much more pleasant grocery store experience. The tags can be used to smart-scan items as you add them to your cart, cutting down on long lines and wait time.

RFID-Blocking wallets

Unfortunately, you also run the risk of having your credit and debit cards stolen! The RFID chip in your card could allow someone to take it from afar and steal your information. Luckily, there are RFID wallets that will protect your card numbers so you have an extra layer of protection.

Do RFID-blocking wallets really work?

There are a wide variety of RFID wallets available. Some are made out of metal, others of leather. Some have a modern and sleek design, while others more closely resemble traditional bi-fold or tri-fold wallets.

You’ll also find wallets in different sizes that hold different amounts of cards. The type of wallet you like can also affect your choices. That said, there are plenty of options available, no matter how many cards you have or what type of wallet you prefer. Here are our picks for the top RFID wallets in 2021:

Ridge Wallet

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Ridge’s original design for its wallet is a refreshing break from the tradition of having a traditional design. The wallet is made of two pieces of solid aluminum attached together with two elastic straps. To carry up to twelve cards, including IDs like driver’s licenses, there is a stretchy material that will expand to accommodate more or contract when emptied. The cards in the wallet can be cycled through by slightly pushing them out using the thumb cutout on the bottom.

There are two wallet styles available: one with a money clip that you can use to keep your cash, and the other with an added elastic band to hold cash. Regardless of which you choose, the aluminum plates Ridge used to make its wallet block RFID signals from escaping.

Our favorite thing about this wallet is its shape. It doesn’t curve awkwardly or have unnecessary pockets for scraps of paper, but is slim and streamlined. This is a solid-feeling wallet that won’t weigh you down if you carry a lot of cards or cash.

Buffway Slim Minimalist Front Pocket RFID Blocking Wallet

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The Buffway Slim Minimalist Front Pocket RFID Blocking Leather Wallet is small but packs a ton of features. It can block all signals within the 13-14MHz range but is not really designed for low-frequency signals at 124 kHz. This sleek wallet is small enough to fit in your pocket or purse. It’s lightweight and portable, which is perfect for the contemporary shopper.

This unisex design is for everyone, no matter their age. It’s made with durable, trendy genuine leather that’s smooth and tough. The latest technology is embedded to protect you from identity thieves and electronic pickpockets. With this kit, you don’t need to worry about all card-enabled transactions. It’s an incredibly functional and luxurious way to keep yourself safe.

Columbia Security Wallet

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Columbia’s Security Wallet looks like a regular Trifold, but it has an anti-RFID lining that can block your debit or credit cards from being scanned. This is a good pick if you’re looking for high-quality materials, some extra protection against thieves, and a wallet with plenty of slots for cards.

The Columbia Trifold Wallet has nine card slots, two slip pockets, an ID window, and a wide compartment for cash. Made out of 100% leather with polyurethane lining, the wallet is easy to transition from your old one to this new one. The wallet can sit well with you if you are coming from a tri-fold wallet but if you are coming from a bi-fold it will be a bit thicker.

Dockers Thin Slimfold

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You want a wallet that is RFID-blocking, but you also want to go traditional? Our Docker Bifold wallet is a perfect choice. It is both fashionable and functional.

This stylish wallet has a clear ID slot for quickly showing your identification and six card slots to store all of your important cards. A wider slot is perfect for storing cash, and two slip pockets are ideal for the loyalty cards you use less often. 

Dockers Thin Slimfold is made out of 75% polyurethane and 25% leather. If you are one of the few people who already use a slim bifold wallet, switching to this one can make things just as simple. You can still feel it in your pocket and keep your cash and cards secure, but now you’ll also have an extra security feature your current wallet doesn’t have.

Pitaka MagWallet

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Pitaka has created the first magnetic carbon wallet that comes with a lifetime warranty. It is made of hi-tech materials and the latest technologies, which offers customers a safe and efficient way to store their valuable cards and IDs.

The wallet is incredibly light (just two ounces) and has a convenient modular design. It can be thinned or thickened depending on how many cards you want to carry. Also, it’s quick to take your cards out of this wallet so you don’t have to fumble around for too long.

This product offers RFID protection so you don’t have to worry about data loss, but it has some downsides. For example, it does not work with magnetic stripe cards and doesn’t include a money clip.

Serman Brands RFID Blocking Slim Bifold Wallet

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This awesomely designed men’s wallet is available in eight colors to match your bag, coat, or briefcase. The thin design and genuine leather make it sleek and classy. The wallet is a perfect balance of both classy and cool, and as if that wasn’t enough…it has a little vintage vibe going on!

This wallet is designed to make life easier. It has a quick access ID window, a money clip for cash, and a front pocket to keep your most-used cards handy. The wallet holds up to six or eight cards without becoming bulky or inconvenient. This RFID tag is specially engineered to block radio frequency identification (RFID) signals at 13.56 MHz or higher. It safeguards your valuable information from unauthorized scans and blocks NFC-equipped Smartphones from accessing the RFID tags.

Timberland PRO Men’s Leather Long Bifold Rodeo Wallet

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Timberland’s PRO is the best we could find when it comes to rodeo styles with RFID blocking. 

The vertical orientation of this wallet makes it slightly larger than some, so it might not fit smaller pockets. But if that’s not an issue, you’ll find a lot to love. The wallet has 12 card slots (the one on the bottom left has a clear cover for your ID), one slip pocket, three cash pockets, and a back pocket. This stylish wallet is made of 100% leather and has been specifically engineered to block RFID waves from passing through. 

The Timberland Pro wallet is built for those who enjoy rodeo-style wallets. It is a great everyday carry that can hold a lot of cards and keep them safe.

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