Rechargeable batteries are a great investment because they help you save money in the long run. However, your rechargeable battery can only be as good as its charger. This post will help you choose the best rechargeable battery charger that will charge your batteries fast and handle lots of batteries at the same time. There’s a lot to know about battery chargers, and it can be tough to find all the answers before you buy.

Rechargeable Battery Charger

Here’s our list of the best rechargeable battery chargers for you to consider.

Panasonic Eneloop Individual Battery Quick Charger

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  • Battery Charging: Individual; 1-4 cells; AA or AAA
  • LED Lights: 4 LED
  • Safety Technology: Short Circuit & Input Voltage Detection/Auto Shut Off


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The Panasonic Eneloop Individual Battery Charger can quickly, safely, and efficiently charge up to four Eneloop AA or AAA batteries, meaning you can spend less time charging and more time shooting. The charger features fast charging technology so that an empty battery can be fully recharged in approximately 3 hours. An LED indicates charging status to ensure better operation and safety.

With a retractable AC plug, the Panasonic Eneloop Individual Battery Quick Charger is ideal for travelers. If safety is your utmost concern, the auto shut-off function goes into effect when the charging process is completed, or if proper contact is lost during charging. It features overheat protection and automatically stops charging when batteries become overheated during its charging process.


Amazon Basics Battery Charger

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  • Battery Charging: 2 or 4 AA / AAA Ni-MH batteries
  • LED Lights: 2 LED
  • Safety Technology: Wrong polarity protection and Cut-off function


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This highly versatile Ni-MH Battery Charger from Amazon Basics is useful for charging both standard AA and AAA Ni-MH rechargeable batteries that can be used in digital cameras, video game controllers, toys, and other electronic devices. It features a USB port where you can plug in the USB cable of your phone or other electronic devices while simultaneously charging the battery. The unit plugs into an AC wall outlet via a flip-down plug.

The charger features a slim design and plugs into any standard electrical outlet, and the 4 independent charging slots charge batteries simultaneously in about 3.5 hours. Safety features of the AmazonBasics battery charger include overcharge protection, overheat protection, and short circuit prevention.


Energizer Rechargeable AA and AAA Battery Charger

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  • Battery Charging: 2 or 4 AA / AAA Ni-MH batteries
  • LED Lights: Charging Status Indicator
  • Safety Technology: Audio Alert, Auto Shutoff, Bad & Primary Battery Detection


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The Energizer Rechargeable AA and AAA Battery Charger can charge 2 or 4 AA and AAA rechargeable batteries at once. With rapid charging technology, you can get a full charge in 4 hours. The simple LED light system displays the status of your batteries and alerts you when they are completely charged. 

This battery charger features a fold-out plug design, which allows for easy storage. With auto safety shut-off and overcharge protection features that prevent overcharging, the Energizer Rechargeable Battery Charger requires minimal monitoring. It ensures safe and full battery charging every time. The package includes 4 NiMH AA batteries. 


Powerowl 16-Bay Battery Charger

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  • Battery Charging: Up to 16 AA & AAA, NIMH/ NICD can be mixed when charging
  • LED Lights: Individual Smart LED Light
  • Safety Technology: Automatic cut off, Over-heat and over-current protection, short circuit protection


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The Powerowl is a revolutionary new battery charger that is able to charge AA/AAA NiMH or NiCD batteries. With its unique round design, the Powerowl is able to charge up to 16 batteries at once. The LED indicator lights show the charging status and keep you apprised of the charging progress of each battery.

It also features four-stage intelligent charging control that prevents overcharging, sparking, short-circuiting, and leakage. The Powerowl shuts off by itself once it is done charging, ensuring that you get exactly the amount of charge necessary and no more. When not in use, the Power Owl can be kept easily stored and its compact design allows it to sit without taking up too much valuable space. 


Duracell Ion Speed Battery Charger

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  • Battery Charging: 2 or 4 AA / AAA NiMH batteries
  • LED Lights: LED Charge Status Indicator
  • Safety Technology: Auto Shutoff


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The Duracell Ion Speed Battery Charger is a lightweight, portable charger that puts an end to worrying about your batteries running out. With 1000 mW of charging power, this charger will recharge batteries in as little as 4-8 hours. Equipped with LEDs to show the charging status, you’ll know when your batteries are ready to use. 

Compatible with both AA and AAA NiMH batteries, this charger takes up less room on your power strip than two separate chargers. The versatile design allows you to charge two or four AA/AAA rechargeable batteries at a time. The Auto-Stop function automatically shuts off when charging is complete. 


Tenergy TN438 16 Bay Battery Charger

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  • Battery Charging: Any combination of AA/AAA NIMH/NICD rechargeable cells
  • Indicator: LCD panel
  • Safety Technology: Full protection against overcharging, overheating, short-circuiting, over-current, and reverse-polarity


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The Tenergy TN438 16 Bay Battery Charger is an advanced, high-quality, microprocessor-controlled charger. This charger features 16 different channels that allow you to charge any combination of AA/AAA rechargeable NIMH/NICD batteries. This unique design greatly eliminates the need for multiple chargers and will save you both time and money. The sleek design combined with this powerful charger makes it ideal for residential or commercial use.

Tenergy TN438 16 Bay Battery Charger features an easy-to-read LCD panel that displays charging/discharging status as well as the charge level and current of each individual battery being recharged. It features built-in Smart Technology that provides full protection against overcharging, overheating, short-circuiting, over-current, and reverse polarity.

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