If you’ve recently purchased a gaming laptop/PC or if you’re a console gamer finally jumping on the PC gaming bandwagon, chances are you’re looking for the best controllers for PC Gaming in 2021. Depending on the games you like to play, a game controller can make or break your PC gaming experience.

Your mouse and keyboard might handle 2D scrollers. Heck, they’re even preferred when playing real-time strategy games. However, when third-person RPG games like the Witcher 3 or sports games like FIFA or NBA2K are your cup of tea, you’ll definitely need a game controller to get the most of your PC-gaming experience.

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5 Best Controllers for PC Gaming – Is it Hard to Master?

With a plethora of game controllers available in the market today, choosing the right one for you can be a hit-or-miss experience. Don’t worry, we’re here to help you out. We’ve picked out the five best game controllers depending on your situation.

Microsoft Xbox Wireless Controller

Microsoft Xbox wireless controller Best Controllers for PC Gaming in 2021

  • Connectivity: Wired, Bluetooth
  • Weight: 14.4 oz
  • Batteries: 2 AA
  • Price: $59

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If you’re looking for the most compatibility with PC games and everything working out-of-the-box, this is definitely the game controller for you. Being officially supported by most games, reliability is the Xbox controller’s strong point.

The Xbox Wireless Controller is designed to fit most hands comfortably and the rubberized grips add to that experience. You don’t have to worry about the controller slipping in the middle of a match. The traditional D-Pad cross design is back, increasing the controller’s accuracy compared to the previous model. The triggers rumble providing satisfying feedback, the joysticks have textured edges to reduce slipping, and the guide button is repositioned to avoid accidental presses.

Sony DualShock 4

Tech Reviews - Sony DualShock 4 1 e1612928693260 - Tech News

  • Connectivity: Wired, Bluetooth
  • Weight: 12 oz
  • Batteries: Built-in Rechargeable Li-Ion
  • Price: $59

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For Playstation purists, only a Sony DualShock 4 Controller will do. Although this game controller may not offer the same compatibility to PC games compared to the Xbox controller, it can definitely hold its own. This device is fully supported in Steam which means you won’t have any issues if you’re sticking with the platform. 

The DualShock 4’s unique layout and grips make it amazingly comfortable, allowing you to play for longer periods of time. With full Steam customization, this game device truly stands out with its customizable touchbar, lightbar, and gyroscope.

Logitech F310

Tech Reviews - Logitech F310 e1612928797666 - Tech News

  • Connectivity: Wired 
  • Weight: 10.2 oz
  • Batteries: N/A
  • Price: $29

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The Logitech F310 is the best option for gamers on a budget. Although it lacks the superior build quality of more expensive models, this gamepad is still reliable and works well with most modern PC games.

The F310’s layout closely resembles Sony’s DualShock design, making PlayStation gamers feel right at home from the get-go. The D-Pad is responsive enough even for the most demanding platform gamers. Notably, it can operate in both DirectInput and XInput modes via a physical switch at the back of the device, making some older titles playable on the modern PC.

Xbox One Elite Wireless Controller Series 2

Tech Reviews - Xbox One Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 1 e1612928827822 - Tech News

  • Connectivity: Wired, Wireless (via adapter) 
  • Weight: 12 oz
  • Batteries: Built-in Rechargeable Li-Ion
  • Price: $179

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This high-end controller is for the serious gamer who won’t make any compromise. Although this is the most expensive game controller on the list, you’ll definitely get your money’s worth. The Xbox One Elite Wireless Controller has a premium and satisfying design which is in a league of its own. 

With tons of customization options available, this game controller is suitable even for the most demanding pro-gamer. Components may be swapped and software customization lets you fine-tune stick and trigger sensitivities, remap buttons and store user profiles.

8BitDo SN30 Pro

Tech Reviews - 8BitDo SN30 e1612928880286 - Tech News

  • Connectivity: Wired, Bluetooth 
  • Weight: 4.8 oz
  • Batteries: Built-in Rechargeable Li-Ion
  • Price: $48

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With the resurgence of retro games, you’ll need the proper controller to fully round up the experience. This is where the 8BitDo SN30 Pro Controller comes in. The gamepad’s nostalgic design is reminiscent of the original Super Nintendo controllers. But don’t let that old school look fool you though, this controller can handle modern PC games just fine. 

The quick D-Pad and tight buttons make this an ideal choice for gamers who enjoy classic games like Crash Bandicoot, Sonic, and Hollow Knight. However, the controller’s small form factor and low-profile analog sticks may not be suitable for everyone especially for gamers who prefer modern shooters or action games.

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