It used to be that you had to spend as much on wireless earphones as you would on your phone to get a nice pair. That is, thankfully, no longer the case. The competition is heating up, and many of the top low-cost headphones are now wire-free.

Wireless earbuds are small and versatile, allowing you to listen to music while working out, commuting, or flying great distances. They usually come in a case that not only keeps them together and protects them from scratches but also recharges them when you set them aside.

The best affordable wireless earbuds aren’t easy to come by; there are so many options available that it can be difficult to comb through them all to determine which are worth buying. The top wireless earbuds for music lovers on a budget are listed below.

JLab JBuds Air

Tech Reviews - JLab JBuds Air - Tech News

  • Size: 1.8 x 3 x 1.6 inches
  • Weight: 0.1 ounces (per bud)
  • Battery life (rated): 4 hours, 14 hours (with charging case)
  • Water/Sweat Resistant: Yes (IP55)
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JLab’s fitness earbuds deliver a bass-heavy sound and feature set that should justify a premium price. The JBuds Air has three EQ settings (Balanced, Bass Boost, and Signature) that allow you to tailor the audio output. Bass Boost is best for workouts and has snappy lows, whereas Signature has slight frequency response tweaks for a stronger mids.

The battery life is listed at 4 hours, which is a little less than average, but the charging case provides an additional 10 hours of use. These earphones have an IPX55 rating, which means they can handle sweat. The design is a little bulky and can be uncomfortable when worn for lengthy periods of time, but it’s adequate for exercises. You can only use one earpiece to make and receive calls.

If you’re looking for a wide range of colors, there are lots to select from, including Black, White, Green, and a stunning Navy Blue.


Skullcandy Sesh Evo True Wireless In-Ear Earbud

Tech Reviews - Skullcandy Sesh - Tech News

  • Size: 7.28 x 4.21 x 1.54 inches
  • Weight: 63.5 gm
  • Battery life (rated): 5 hours, 24 hours (with charging case)
  • Water/Sweat Resistant: Yes (IP55)
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Skullcandy is a well-known name in the world of affordable audio. Our top overall option has a lot going for it, including Tile integration. That means you can get the free Tile app and use it to track down your earbuds. There’s also a 24-hour battery life (5 hours on the earbuds and 19 hours on the case). When it comes to the charging case, reviewers have complained that the buds don’t always fit snugly inside, so be sure they’re correctly seated.

The buds are available in five various hues to suit your personal taste. When you take them out of your ears, they don’t automatically pause, but the touchpads on the buds let you control your music and podcasts. Without touching your phone, you may adjust the volume, skip music, and answer calls. All of this contributes to a fantastic TWS experience.


Tribit FlyBuds 3

Tech Reviews - Tribit FlyBuds 3 - Tech News

  • Size: 3.4 x 2 x 1.2 inches
  • Weight: Not stated
  • Battery life (rated): 5 hours; 100 hours (with charging case)
  • Water/Sweat Resistant: Yes (IPX7)
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The FlyBuds 3 should be on the radar of anyone looking for great-sounding buds with at least a month’s worth of gameplay before recharging. The audio is crisp and powerful, with strong and well-balanced bass levels that allow the vocals to shine. With an IPX7 waterproof covering and numerous fins and tips to match different ear shapes, they may also be used as workout headphones. The charging case can also function as a portable charger, allowing you to charge any USB-C device while on the road, which Android users will love.

Our main criticism is that the touch controls aren’t always accurate; you’ll have to repeat tap gestures for orders to register. The charging case is also a hefty sucker, but that’s a minor trade-off you can live with, especially given it can store up to a whopping 100 hours of playtime


Earfun Free

Tech Reviews - EarFun Free 1 - Tech News

  • Size: 1.5 x 1.1. 0.7 inches
  • Weight: 0.2 ounces
  • Battery life (rated): 6 hours; 30 hours (with charging case)
  • Water/Sweat Resistant: Yes (IPX7)
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Earfun has managed to pack a lot of features into their promising line of low-cost wireless earbuds. Its most famous product is probably The Free. The gel tips establish a tight seal to take in richer sound while limiting leakage, giving songs substantial bass and depth. The earbuds are also waterproof, with an IPX7 rating. A full charge lasts 6 hours, which is above average, and a quick ten-minute charge gives you 2 hours of playtime. Yes, the case can also be used for wireless charging.

For some, the minimalist design may be a turnoff, but the flush buttons on the front can be annoying. They’re stiff, don’t produce the best tactility, and pressing them causes discomfort because it forces the buds deeper into your ears. Aside from that, the Earfun Free hits almost all of the other marks, providing you a lot of value for your money.


Sennheiser CX Sport Wireless Earphones

Tech Reviews - Sennheiser CX - Tech News

  • Size: 12.54 x 0.56 x 1.78 inches
  • Weight: 0.52 ounces
  • Battery life (rated): 6 hours
  • Water/Sweat Resistant: Yes (IPX4)
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If audio quality is the most crucial factor for you in in-ear headphones, Sennheiser’s affordable wireless earbuds could be a great option.  The Sennheiser CX Sport Bluetooth earphones can greatly boost your workout just by sound quality alone, with a dynamic, bass-heavy presentation and a comfortable fit.

The CX Sports offer an IPX4 splash-proof rating, which is ideal for runners. This implies they should be able to handle a sweaty workout (though you shouldn’t take them into the shower with you afterward).  They have a six-hour battery life, so whether you’re wearing them on your commute or going for a jog, they’ll keep you going all day – and their low price won’t break the bank.


Lypertek SoundFree S20

Tech Reviews - Lypertek SoundFree S20 - Tech News

  • Size: 2.52 x 1.14 x 1.97 inches
  • Weight: 1.8 ounces
  • Battery life (rated): 8 hours; 40 hours (with charging case)
  • Water/Sweat Resistant: Yes (IPX5)
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The Lypertek SoundFree S20 is an excellent alternative if you’re seeking affordable wireless earbuds. Their easy-to-use controls and good connectivity make them a delight to use, and their long battery life assures you won’t be left without music during a workout or commute. While not perfect, the audio quality is excellent for the price.

The Lypertek PurePlay Z3 is still the better earphones, and we’d recommend them over the SoundFree S20 if you can get them on sale. Nonetheless, the Lypertek SoundFree S20 is easy to suggest, as they provide a low-cost but capable alternative to Apple AirPods.


Skullcandy Dime

Tech Reviews - Skullcandy Dime - Tech News

  • Size: 1 x 1 x 0.4 inches
  • Weight: 1.13 ounces
  • Battery life (rated): 3.5 hours; 12 hours (with charging case)
  • Water/Sweat Resistant: Yes (IPX4)
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If you’re on a shoestring budget, the Skullcandy Dime buds are your best option. They’re really inexpensive and would make a wonderful present. As a result, don’t anticipate stellar performance or a sturdy design, but you will receive a comfortable pair of earbuds available in a variety of colors.

The majority of audio content is acceptable; they sound like cheap buds, but you can’t expect much more from this price bracket. They’re so little and light that you can keep them in your pocket all day and even clip them to your keys if you want to. You’ll never go a day without listening to music again!

Furthermore, they’re covered by Skullcandy’s Fearless Use Promise, which means you can buy replacement buds and cases separately if you lose or break any part of them.


Edifier TWS1

Tech Reviews - Edifier TWS1 - Tech News

  • Size: 4.57 x 3.82 x 1.65 inches
  • Weight: 4.6 ounces
  • Battery life (rated): 8 hours; 24 hours (with charging case)
  • Water/Sweat Resistant: Yes (IPX5)
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These earphones are under $49 and come with high-end capabilities like Qualcomm True Wireless Stereo Plus. When compared to traditional fully wireless earbuds, this technology allows for two distinct connections, one for each earbud, for a more stable Bluetooth experience. The standard system assigns one earbud as the primary receiver and the other as the backup, resulting in irritating audio-visual lag and stuttering connections.

On Android devices, these earbuds also support aptX for high-quality streaming. This is good news for the frequency response, which boosts bass sounds just enough to make them louder than vocals without degrading clarity too much. Edifier has you covered in terms of toughness, with an IPX5 rating that makes them resistant to water splashes.

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