Hi, I am Sai Sharma from India, Maharashtra. I am here to tell you about my favorite piece of tech which is Artificial Intelligence or AI. In simple words AI or artificial intelligence is the human made brain. It is the field associated with machines with concept of thinking like humans. Yes I love Artificial Intelligence because this is very interesting field. I think artificial intelligence is the thing which is the future of the world, I don’t know whether it is bright or dark. In future it will be in great demand. It now can be seen like google assistant, amazon’s Alexa, and Apple’s Siri or SOFIA the robot.

Artificial Intelligence is very likely to see in applications which we are using. This can make our futuristic earth’s dream into the reality. Example: We all know about artificial intelligence by internet, YouTube, Google. But have ever wondered how google gave us news about a field in which we are interested or YouTube give us videos of only those channels which we watch regularly, this is because of Artificial Intelligence. Artificial Intelligence boosts the technical advancements and change difficult task into easy task. AI makes things easy, faster, and more accurate. So that’s why I am telling that artificial intelligence is very epic discovery of human.

artificial intelligenceArtificial Intelligence had changed my life so much. I am only 12 year boy but my curiosity changed me a lot. When I was 10 year old I learnt about artificial intelligence by YouTube and so much about it. Then I learnt about how AI works and how they are formed. After some research I get my answers. They are formed by coding, DS and algorithm.

After some months I decided to learn coding and to make my own AI or artificial intelligence. Then install some apps but it wasn’t helped me lot. Then I downloaded some famous e-books for coding the result was same. Then I was tired and decided to do more research on coding. After 2 hours of research I know that what is coding and which language I should learn.

I decided to learn python and after some months I learnt python by YouTube and decided to make a project of AI or artificial intelligence and I finally developed a program of artificial intelligence and named it J.A.R.V.I.S. (Just A Rather Very Intelligent System) because I love to see marvel movies specially ironman. After some days I watched the personal assistant of Mark Zuckerberg. Then I decided to make an application for Jarvis.

After some research I know that to make an application I need to learn Java. Then I learnt Java and android development in 6 months and then I finally made a project on JARVIS. But I was unsuccessful and to made that application. Now I am learning more about AI and machine learning. I am learning more about speech recognition and face recognition. But now I need new laptop because my laptop is not good and very slow. Heavy soft wares like android studio and Unity are not running properly on it. That’s why I think that AI was the life changing moment for me.

I think others should have Artificial Intelligence or AI. Sometimes person ignore AI and always in fear that AI is dangerous but this are completely wrong because AI doesn’t have decision making power. AI or artificial intelligence can’t make any decision themselves. They did not have any creative or problem solving skills. So please don’t fear from them at all.

Artificial Intelligence is a Human-made Brain

AI or Artificial intelligence can make time consuming and difficult work easy. They do these types of work fast and perfect, without any issues by this they make that work for a person easy, fast, safe and interesting. Some companies are replacing the AI machines by their workers.

AI also reduces human error. It is the phrase use to describe the mistakes by human. They are important because instead of any human risks they take their own risk and do that particular work perfectly. Another advantage of them is they are always ready for work or they are 24×7 available. If human do these works for more time they take extra money. They give us digital assistance and faster decisions. Nowadays they are also used for farming and shopping also.

That’s why I think the invention of AI is the most epic invention on earth which can make our dream of futuristic world real.

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