ActivBody Activ5 Fitness System

  • Weight: 4.8 Ounces
  • Product Dimensions: 3.75 x 3.25 x 1.25 inches
  • Battery: 1 AAA battery
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In a nutshell, the Activ5 is a portable, wireless, hand-held isometric strength training device that provides a low impact, engaging, and effective way for people to build muscle and stay fit. With the accompanying app, you can see results week over week and share training results with friends, compete in challenges, and build social support for reaching goals. Now, here’s my experience using Active5 over the past few weeks:

Isometric Workouts

The Activ5 is a device that measures isometric workouts. Isometrics are just what they sound like—increasing muscle strength through static contraction of the muscles. This method, rather than the typical approach, allows you to build strength while avoiding injuries to tendons, ligaments, and muscle fibers.

As you apply pressure against the Activ5 device, it automatically senses and records your individual strength progress on your smartphone via the ActivBody app. Workouts involve holding different positions and movements for extended periods of time while applying pressure to the device using your hands or feet. The goal is to give you a full-body workout that you can perform anywhere.

Offering over 100 exercises for different age groups and strength levels, each exercise can be performed for about 15 to 30 seconds as part of a workout or used on its own as a single, static contraction. This simple design coupled with built-in games and progress reminders motivates you to achieve your fitness goals.

Activ5 Hardware

Inside the box, you’ll get the handheld isometric fitness device, a sturdy phone stand, and an instruction booklet. The Activ5 device is smooth and round, loosely resembling an orange and black flat pouch. 

It weighs 4.8 ounces and measures 3.75 x 3.25 x 1.25 inches. The on/off button is located on the bottom. Overall, the device feels light yet durable. The high-precision pressure sensors make it reliable and tough enough to withstand up to 200lbs. Whether you are a beginner who would like to strengthen your muscles, or a professional athlete looking for a daily workout routine, the Activ5 is designed to help you achieve your fitness goals.

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The Activ5 uses Bluetooth 4.1 to communicate with the app on your phone to track your workouts, log them, change the difficulty levels of specific workouts, as well as connect to the online community. The device uses a single AAA battery which can last anywhere from 6 to 12 months. The included stand does its job but you can use any stand that you prefer. 

Using the Activ5

Using Activ5 requires you to download and install the accompanying app available on Android and iOS. Turn on your device and it will automatically pair with the app. The process is straightforward and I haven’t encountered any connectivity issues. The app lets you choose from over 100+ full-body, low-impact strength training exercises. You can also create a custom workout program to suit your specific needs.

Some exercises require a calibration process before you begin. Activ5 then adjusts to your strength and fitness level. Don’t worry if you don’t get it right the first time as the test can be performed as many times as you like. As your fitness level improves, you are advised to retake the test once in a while 

Gamifying workouts

Think of Activ5 as a game system. The handheld device is your controller and the app will guide you through the game. Exercises are explained well with pictures that show you the proper movements and positions. As you interact with the device, you will see how much force you are applying either in pounds or kilograms. 

Applying as much force as you can is not the goal. To succeed, you need to apply the right amount of force – much like a singer hitting the right notes. Games typically involve staying on a path by flexing or relaxing your muscles accordingly. The games are surprisingly challenging and can really push you to a whole new level. They not only keep your workouts interesting, but they also improve your focus and concentration.

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You can use the Activ5 as your main workout equipment or as an add-on to your current workout routine. You can customize a program focused on muscle development and toning or choose from hundreds of pre-designed workouts designed by fitness experts.

Workout programs

Workout programs are split into days and weeks that gradually build up over time. You can strengthen just about every muscle group in your body, including your abs, legs, arms, and back. You can filter the exercises in a variety of ways. For example, you can check out “seated” and “standing” exercises if you want to stay fit while traveling. If you’re dealing with an injury, you can specify exercises for flexion, extension, abduction, protraction, etc.

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The Activ5 device and app offer limitless possibilities as far as exercises go. You can get a full workout without weights or equipment from almost anywhere. Workouts last about 5 minutes and consist of 10 or more different exercises. The variety of exercises and games keeps your workouts fresh and engaging. 


COVID-19 has forced many of us to work out at home. Pushing yourself to stay motivated is by no means an easy task. Having a convenient and easy-to-use exercise device as the Activ5 has certainly helped me stay fit the past couple of months. I don’t have to drag myself to start working out because I know I can get it done in 5 minutes. 

The exercises are fun, safe, and effective. They are well-designed and can be personalized to your fitness level. The device also gives you the option to target certain areas – a great way to handle any weak points. Tracking your progress is done automatically via the app so you won’t lose track of your goals. For $120, the Activ5 is worth every penny and gets our recommendation. 

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